Cadastral Values Analysis for tax purposes

EUROVAL offers a fundamental Cadastral Value Analysis service to know the market value of a property for tax purposes.


Periodically, the Public Administrations review the cadastral value of your dwelling, and with this report you will be the first to know if the value of your property corresponds to the assigned by the Administration, and to know if the value attributed to your dwellingis lower or higher than the current market.

For this, we give you the posibility of checking an analysis of Cadastral Values.

It is ideal for Verifiying the value in case of:

  • Real estate taxes – IBI
  • Capital gain

If the Market Value is lower than the Cadastral Value, you have the right to claim. It is ideal to verify in the case of:

  • Patrimonial transfers – ITP
  • About heritage and donations – ISD
  • Documented legal acts – AJD

If the Treasury Review Value is higher than the Market Value, you have the right to claim.

Special tax optimization services for companies:

Based on the cadastral values of your company´s properties we do a STUDY to find out if your calculation is reasonable, if not, we propose the study of their values, to optimize the tax part of your properties as much as possible. Request a quote without commitment and do not pay more than necessary.

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