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Tasación Oficial para Garantía Hipotecaria ECO 805/2003

Real estate valuation for mortgage guarantee, valid for all financial entities and official bodies.

Report carried out by an expert technical team, with standardized methodology, according to the requested purpose. This report is perfectly argued, it includes: value of the property, characteristics, urban environment, registration information, cadastral, photographs and plan.

This type of service focuses on the appraisal of all types of real estate and rights

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Real Estate Appraisal for Advice - VIA

VIA is a valuation service indicated for the knowledge of the value of any type of Dwelling The building is a small, localgarage, lumber room or land. They are produced by an independent technical team. At a significantly lower cost than Officially Approved Appraisals.

These valuations can be carried out on real estate such as homes, premises, offices, warehouses, buildings or land.

• Sales
• Asset valuation
• Contentious
• Distribution of goods
• Divorces

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