Valuation for Expropiations

We carry out the valuation of the goods subject to expropriation to obtain the highest possible value for the expropriated property

Expropriation, as an instrument of public law consisting of the coercive transfer of property from a private individual to the public administration, or to another private individual, for reasons of public interest and upon payment of compensation, has an important value component.

This legal instrument implies that the expropriated person is entitled to compensation equivalent to the value of the property of which he is deprived.

The normal process would be for the person to be expropriated and the administration to reach an agreement on the price of the property to be expropriated; but in many cases this is not achieved and so the price is determined through what is known as a fair price or value procedure, one of whose purposes is to determine the expropriation price.

It is at this point that Euroval can intervene to carry out the valuation of the property subject to expropriation and thus, by initiating the corresponding administrative procedure, the expropriated person can obtain the highest possible value for the expropriated property.

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